Ayllu Blanco Primera edición

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Ayllu Blanco Primera edición

Ayllu Blanco Primera edición


Marca: Ayllu
Categoria: Vino, 2020 Vintage

6 units wine box (750cc each).
Unit price: $ 9,990.

This wine is a blend of 4 different varieties: Moscatel de Alejandría, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Gris & Moscatel Rosada. It presents an intense yellow color. On the nose, notes from honey, white peach, banana, and white flowers are present. Medium acidity, low bitterness, soft minerality and silky.

The Ayllu wines are made by Lickanantay right in the middle of the world’s driest desert. Our vineyards are situated next to the Salar de Atacama salt flat, at the heart of the Pacific Ring of Fire. This is therefore a place with ancient, sandy soils that are rich in minerals and volcanic rocks. All of these factors are faithfully reflected in the sensory profile of our wines (”they taste of the desert”). 

The sun beats down on this area 360 days a year but the nights are cool and fresh and this enables the grapes to ripen slowly and in a controlled manner. 

The clusters are hand-harvested at night by the light of the full moon or in the dim light of early morning. This ensures that the grapes are cold (10oC-15oC) when they arrive at the winery, in the perfect condition for vinification. In general, the white grapes are harvested in January and the red ones in February.


Moscatel de Alejandría 56%,
Chardonnay 28%,
Sauvignon Gris 8%,
Moscatel Rosada 8%.




Medium acidity, low bitterness, soft minerality, and silky.


Honey, white peach, banana, and white flowers.




50 ℉

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