Ayllu, the mystical wines of the desert.

In├şcio  /  Ayllu, the mystical wines of the desert.

Our journey starts in the driest desert in the world

... expanses and expanses of sand and salt surround this landscape that seems from another planet ... That makes us wonder if we are really alone or there are forces of nature and beyond that we are not able to see with the naked eye.

Mythical stories such as the spirit of the Licancabur volcano and its love triangle with Juriques and Cerro Quimal. Or one of the great mysteries of humanity such as the geoglyphs of the desert, are part of the myths and legends of this area.

Since time immemorial, the moon has guided farmers. This star, feminine and luminous, influences the crops and concentrates the ancestral sap of our vines. Our moon is the protagonist of the most beautiful and limpid sky on the planet, for something The most important astronomical centers in the world are located here.

The Atacame├▒o night energizes Ayllu, the moon impregnates him with its wisdom and magic to finally decant into a mystical and powerful wine.

Our vines, ancient and strong, manage to bear their best fruit in this desert, the driest in the world.

Accustomed to living with very little water, they are the survivors of this inclement climate, born in the dry.

They concentrate all their energy and characteristics to give us a unique grape in the world.