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The world is full of mass-produced wines that are very similar to one another. Very few wines are made by native people; in fact, they account for less than 0.006% of all the wine produced in Chile.

A unique range of wines is being made in northern Chile, handcrafted by AtacameƱo people, who are native to this area, from grapes grown at 2,400 metres above sea level in the middle of the worldā€™s driest desert. In making this wine, the Lickanantay Co-operative is keeping alive mystical and heroic agricultural traditions.

As a result, unrivalled desert viticultural and winemaking techniques are used to shape wines with a colour, aroma and flavour profile that is unique to the Atacama Desert.

This is how Ayllu was born: the desert in a glass.

The sunshine that bathes our vineyards for 360 days a year gives our vines energy and the resilience to withstand the harsh conditions of the arid climate. And this magic culminates in the production of powerful, mystical wines by a co-operative of native AtacameƱo people.

And so was born the name of our vineyards, Ayllu, which means community in the local language,  cultivated  by the indigenous ancestral known as the Lickanantay. 


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