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Transactions made through the site, Ayllu.wines, are subject to these terms and conditions as well as any law in place in Chile. Consequently, all visits, all contracts and transactions carried out on this site, as well as their legal ramifications, will be governed by the rules contained in this document and will be considered acts performed in Chile and will be subject to said legislation.


Each time the website Ayllu.wine  is mentioned or other references to the company such as “the offering company”, “the provider” or “the provider company”, as appropriate to the meaning of the text, shall be understood as referring to COOPERATIVA LICKANANTAY, the seller of the product. Whenever the customer or user is mentioned, as appropriate to the meaning of the text, it will be referring to the buyer registered on Ayllu.wine


The registration of the customer to the site is a mandatory condition to buy products. To register, the client must fill in the following basic information on the registration page.

A.- Full name
B.- Billing address
C.- Delivery address, if different from the billing address.
D.- Email
E.- Contact telephone number

The above data will be considered as confidential.

The registration of the customer in the site implies the knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions of sales described in this document.

The registered user may arrange the editing, deletion and / or cancellation of their data when they deem convenient, in accordance with Law 19.628.

Also, once the transaction is completed, the user may request the suspension of any promotional or advertising communication sent to his/her email by opting out on the link provided in said communication.


Once registered, the client must enter their password to make each purchase, which will allow personalized, confidential and secure access. The administration of their password is their responsibility. Giving the login information to third parties or the use of login information by such third parties shall not imply any liability for Ayllu.wine.

The user will have the ability to change the password subject to the procedure established in the respective site.


he steps that must be fulfilled to buy products through this website are described in a manner that is clear and easily accessible to the customer. The mere fact of following the steps that are indicated on this site, is equivalent to accepting that Ayllu.wine  has indeed complied with the conditions contained in this point.


You can use all forms of payment indicated on the website.

If permitted bank cards are used, the client will be subject to the existing contract between the client and the issuing bank, without the offering company being responsible for any of the aspects indicated in those contracts. For all legal purposes, the offering company is an independent third party in this customer and issuing bank relationship.


Any offer acceptance will be subject to the condition precedent that Ayllu.wine confirms or validates the transaction. Consequently, for any operation carried out on this site, confirmation and / or validation or verification by Ayllu.wine will be a requirement for the formation of consent. To validate the transaction, the site must verify:

A) That it has, at the time of acceptance of the offer, the products in stock.
B) Validate and accept the means of payment offered by the user.
C) Confirm that the data registered by the customer on the site matches that provided when making their offer acceptance.
D) Confirm that the place or address indicated by the client is accessible by regular delivery means.

In order to inform the user or consumer about this validation, the site will send a written confirmation to the same email address that the user has registered accepting the offer, or by any means of communication that guarantees the proper and timely reception by the consumer, which will be indicated beforehand on the website. The consent will be formed from the moment in which this written confirmation is sent to the user and in the place where it was issued, this being the city and commune of Toconao. 


The products that are the subject of the transaction will be sent to the customer at the address that he/she has indicated when registering on the website, within the deadlines that are indicated previously. The information of the place of delivery is the sole responsibility of the user.

The deadlines chosen for delivery will begin from the moment that the written confirmation is sent by the offering company and are considered business days during the fulfillment of said term.

The cost of the delivery will be charged to the customer. The amount will be indicated next to the purchase price at the time of confirmation and payment.

However, it is an essential condition that there be a courier available that can deliver the products to the place requested. It will be understood that this condition will not be fulfilled if the address is outside of the specified urban radius.